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Cracking civil services exam is an art and later is defined as skillful application of knowledge. We strongly believe that skill of even mediocres can be developed to the desirable extent. Besides hard labour, technique(particular way of doing something which involves special skill), methods(procedure of inquiry for reliable knowledge knowledge and reliable conclusions) and (criteria for selectig problems and relevant data) play decisive role in coping with the problems with speed and accuracy. We have developed four fold unique techniques namely coding, frame-working, classification and correlation. This helps in maximization of the output with imprrovised grasping and longer retentivity. Regular practice in question – answer form along with the study of subject matter, sharpent your exam – oriented approach. Periodical evaluation and remarks help in taking prior corrective measures before the D – day. We train our students for strategic preparation coupled with rational & scientific method..

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Jeet IAS Academy was founded by Mr. Indra Jeet Singh (MSc., M.A.(Eco.), M.A.(Maths), IAS 2006, IAS 2009 / Mains) in the year 1998. The institution was established to achieve excellence in the toughest competitive exam in the country, i.e. Indian Administrative Service Exam which has now come to be known as Civil Services Exam. The Jeet IAS Academy has evolved into a unique fraternity of educators and students striving together, year after year, in pursuit of a single goal. With a passion to excel, the Jeet IAS Academy has raged with the dynamism of a river which constantly renews itself and yet remains unchanging in its resolve to reach its ultimate destination.

Throughout a journey lasting over five decades, the Jeet IAS Academy has been at the cutting edge of real learning. Today, it is known as the most specialized institution in Uttarakhand, performing consistently at high levels and has acquired the rare distinction of achieving the highest success-rate in the Civil Services Exam.

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